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 Contracts On Demand (COD) is a company that is prominent in the Building and Construction Industry. It has been specialising for 15 years in assisting Built Environment Professionals, Contractors / Sub-Contractors and Suppliers to increase their productivity.

Our focus is towards the development, management, marketing and sales of computerised systems and services that promote the easy use of formal Documentation in the industry, such as Client / Consultant Agreements and Building Contracts.

In support of the above, COD has also developed and organised a series of ‘Open’ and ‘Corporate’ Training Workshops, each year, since 2008. Webinars have now been introduced in 2015.

As a matter of policy, COD collaborates with the industries Professional Institutes and Associations in pursuing its goals. In 2012, COD integrated  its products into a  Suite of Services called e-CLOUD Construction and currently over 4000 Registered Users are using these Services. One of the Systems developed by COD as part of e-CLOUD Construction®  is called e-DOCX and it facilitates the purchase of ‘Proprietary’ Documents in .pdf format. It currently contains four ‘Suites’ of Documents. These are:

PROCSA Client / Consultant Agreements

JBCC Building Contracts, Forms and Computational Certificates

Construction Health & Safety Document

National Building Regulation Forms


Users are able to capture Details of their Building & Construction Projects and then purchase these Documents via credit card on-line, where this information is automatically inserted into the Documents.


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Integrated Project Consultants


Integrated Project Consultants

Aligning interests and controlling risk through Integrated Projects

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